4 Things We Wish We Knew About Skincare In Our 20’s

4 Things We Wish We Knew About Skincare In Our 20’s

Our 20's are for making mistakes, having fun and getting a tad lost along the way, and oh boy we miss that. It's a decade of self discovery and smooth skin. But if we're completely honest, it's a time when we took our skin for granted. We want to let you in on the 4 things we wish we knew about skincare in our 20's. Read and then apply! 

1. Sun Protection - Please Dear Lord! 

Oh my goodness, if only we knew how crucial sunscreen was in our 20’s. Yes we loved basking in the sun and working on our tans, but yikes why didn’t we understand that those pesky sun rays are fuelled with premature ageing action.

As they say, you reap what you sow, and those fine lines made their way through to centre stage when we hit our thirties - all because we valued that summer tan over applying a quality physical sunscreen. Quick chemistry recap - the sun (and tanning beds) emits UV radiation which isn’t visible to the naked eye but can be felt on the skin. There are two types of UV light, UVA which is associated with ageing and UVB which is primarily responsible for burning.

Over exposure to UV rays encourages the formation of reactive oxygen species (ROS) which damages the main proteins that make up the skin, collagen and elastin. Let’s drive this home, sun exposure may be responsible for 80% of the visible signs of ageing. Let that one sink in. 

 To protect your skin choose a physical sunscreen. Physical sunscreen will actually stop UV rays from penetrating the skin, while chemical sunscreen still allows the rays to hit the skin. 

What you need - UV Defense Moisturiser: A physical sunscreen moisturiser with intense protection, calming, hydrating and nourishing properties. Enriched with anti-oxidants and peptides, helping to rejuvenate the skin with high levels of zinc, which is responsible for creating a physical barrier against UV rays. $109

UV Defense Moisturiser


2. Collagen is Queen

We wished we’d kept collagen close in our 20’s. This is why, after the age of 20 the dermis layer of the skin produces 1% less collagen each year, ouch right!? Both our collagen and elastin fibres become thinner and looser as we age. This process starts in our 20’s and will eventually lead to wrinkling and sagging.

In this decade the skin’s ability to self exfoliate also decreases by 28%, meaning the dead skin cells that sit on top will stick together for longer. Ways to reduce the deterioration of collagen production is to stay away from smoking, drink plenty of water and also protect your skin from the sun (refer to above!).

There are highly effective ways we can also boost the elasticity in our skin and prevent these premature signs of ageing, and that is by using high quality products that contain active ingredients. Our Collagen Moisturiser contains Q10 for stimulating healthy skin cell growth, EGF (epidermal growth factors) for improving the skins’ elasticity and Jojoba Oil for calming. 

What you need - Collagen Moisturiser: A concentrated moisturiser infused with peptides, lipids and anti-oxidants; formulated to restore moisture, smoothing and brightening your complexion, rejuvenating its appearance while repairing DNA cells. Providing the skin with long-lasting anti-ageing protection. $109

Collagen Moisturiser


3. Cleanse Twice! 

Who spent the last 10+ years only cleansing their face once at the end of the day? Same here guys, same here. Now that we’re older and wiser we understand the importance of double cleansing. That first round of cleanser removes most of the makeup and dirt from your day, but it’s that second cleanse that truly cleans the skin on a deeper level. Having skin that is thoroughly cleansed will allow for the products you put on after to actually do their job. Decongest those pores and give your active products a chance to get busy. You’ll thank us when you notice the effect that double cleansing has on your complexion.

What you need - Hydrating Milk Cleanser (or any of our cleansers for $56): A cream cleanser enriched with organic oils, vitamins & anti-oxidants to remove all impurities from the skin. Nutrient & lipid enriched to restore barrier, soothe inflammation & replenish ultimate hydration. Once make-up & debris is removed the essential formula can remain on the skin due to its quality. This cleanser safely removes eye make-up. Ideal for post treatments including laser & chemical peels to inhibit trans-epidermal water loss through the healing phase. 

 Hydrating Milk Cleanser

4. Eye Cream, we repeat…Eye Cream 

Oh boy, we wish we had introduced an eye cream into our routine in our 20’s, and enjoyed the benefits now. The skin around the eyes is usually the first cab off the rank in terms of the signs of ageing. Laugh lines (girl keep laughing, that’s what life’s about) and crows feet start to make an appearance as you creep towards the big 3-0.

While we don’t want to stop living our best lives and need to keep those belly laughs coming, there are ways to prevent fine lines, wrinkles and dark circles around your beautiful baby blues (or insert your eye colour here) and it’s one word…eye cream. The area around the eyes is incredibly sensitive and susceptible to wrinkling and sagging, so choose an eye cream that is hydrating, brightening and plumping - we’ve got exactly that cream, peep below. 

What you need - Hydrating Eye Cream $145: Intensive eye cream with peptides, anti-oxidants, vitamin E plus brightening ingredients to moisturise, plump, reduce inflammation and fine lines and wrinkles, while also reducing dark circles.

Hydrating Eye Cream


Shop Cosmology Skincare now. 

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