Emily Ratajkowski is an absolute beauty, and the brand new mamma is widely known for her insta glow and pretty much perfect complexion. The 29 year old fashion icon just gave birth to a baby boy, and she looks as dewy and radiant as ever! Most would think her good skin comes naturally (good genes no doubt play some role) but it comes from having a steady routine of good skincare and being strict with small things like NEVER going to bed with makeup on.

“No matter how crazy my day is, I always take the time to take care of my skin. I take my makeup off, do a little exfoliating, and depending on what’s going on, I’ll use different products”

She uses quality products and keeps it all nice and simple, as it should be. Who has time to apply a million different products both morning and night?! Cosmology Skincare is designed to be effective and active without making your skincare routine something you dread. It’s all about enjoying the ritual.

“In quarantine, I went crazy and ordered a bunch of skin-care products,” she says. “One of the things I’ve learned about beauty: I just need the basics and for them to be really good. That was one of the ways that my skin freaked out because I was overusing products.”

Bottom line? Use good products and only the ones you need! We’ve got you covered.

Purifying Charcoal Cleanser

Active B Serum

Hydrating Eye Cream

Daily Moisturiser

UV Defense Moisturiser

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