Free Radical Fighters

Free Radical Fighters


Unstable molecules and anything in the atmosphere that your skin comes into contact with and is damaged by. They can also be created naturally within the body due to your metabolism. But mainly we’re talking about UV Rays, smog, dust particles, cigarette smoke, fumes, and household cleaners. It’s impossible to avoid these things as we move through our lives. However, your best form of defence is your arm you skin with products that fight free radicals.

Oxidative Stress

Free radicals have a reactive nature and float around the atmosphere in search of other atoms or molecules to bond and stabilise with. The whole process causes oxidative stress and causes damage to DNA and skin cells. Think of when you leave a piece of fruit out for too long and it starts to turn brown, this is oxidation in action and what happens to our skin when in contact with free radicals. Yep it’s a tad scary! They are a reason for deterioration of our collagen and elastin fibres, creating fine lines, wrinkles and skin sagging.

The Skin Ageing

As you will never be able to avoid Free Radicals completely you can use products and take precautions to keep your skin in it’s best condition. Antioxidants are your best form of attack on Free Radicals as they neutralize them reduce the oxidative stress. With all this scary info in mind, we don’t want you to worry, we have got you completely covered when it comes to fighting off Free Radicals. Full regime for you below!


As the title suggests this moisturiser also protects against UV Rays, one of the strongest and most damaging free radicals. This is a physical sunscreen and nourishing moisturiser in one. A physical sunscreen gives an actual barrier from the sun and doesn’t let UV Rays penetrate the skin.


This serum is PERFECT for repairing any DNA that has been damaged by Free Radicals. The Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) repairs barrier function and maintains surveillance function of the Langerhans Cells (cells at the epidermis layer) during UV exposure. This ingredient is a great anti-inflammatory too.


Perfect for winter and when your skin is feeling the dryness! Worried you have an oily skin type and can’t use oil? You absolutely can! The skin often over produces oil when it is dehydrated, tricking people into thinking they have an ‘oil skin’ type. Get the oil girl! Our Restorative Oil has a divine combination of Rosehip Oil, Vitamin E and Jojoba Oil. The Vitamin E works on cellular restoration and the oil also contains anti-oxidants.


Don’t ever go past a good eye cream, it’s a non-negotiable. The Hydrating Eye Cream is filled with anti-oxidants (those little guys responsible for neutralizing cells), Peptides and Vitamin E. When all combined you’ll be left with hydrated, plumped and brightened skin around the eye area.

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