(Dealing with) The harm of congestion and inflammation.

Women and men go through many body changes, especially during certain stages of life, some actually more common than people would think. Some changes being unbalanced hormones, which affect the body internally and externally, with visible effects. Causing the change on the appearance of hair, nails and obviously skin. One of the most common effects that hormonal unbalance can cause are breakouts, due to excessive oil production, skin inflammation and congestion.

The excessive oil production can also be from an oily or combination skin type dehydrated causing a rebound effect, producing more oil than necessary to urgently hydrate the skin and balance its needs for more moisture. It can also be caused by the excessive use of make-up or skincare with a rich texture (normally recommended to mature or dry skin types) congesting the pores not allowing the skin to breath properly. A bad diet, routine and/or habits can also cause congestion.

The skin when congested will have pores clogged by the make-up or wrongly recommended skincare products as said before, but also because of dead skin cells not regularly removed, bacteria and pollution from our daily life, natural sweat production and many other life situations and choices.

All this congestion can cause skin inflammation, stimulating the skin to build acne from all the oils and toxins kept at the deep layers of the skin, black heads from oil, pollution and products sitting on the pores and a rough skin texture because of all of the effects mentioned combined to the dead cells still on the surface of the skin. These breakouts and inflammation affect self-esteem of so many people every day, especially through the early teenage years and young adulthood.

The choice of a healthier routine with better diet, habits and the right skin care would definitely help to improve skin appearance, as the body being healthy would be mirrored on the skin complexion. The correct skincare routine would be mandatory for these results, and appropriate products are important, as they would be responsible to work on the issues causing the breakouts and inflammation.

The Purifying range offers options to help everyone, but will work greatly for oily, combination, and especially acne prone skins as it carries properties developed to increase skin health. The charcoal purifying cleanser is amazing to remove dirt, makeup, oils and everything else sitting on the skin surface without over stripping it; the daily moisturiser and the purifying eye cream with Hyaluronic Acid in a light texture is capable of deep hydration without suffocating the skin tissue, and the most advanced serums with acids and active ingredients to encourage the cell skin turnover process, unclog pores due to its chemical exfoliation improving skin texture and soothe inflammation while killing bacteria.

We proudly developed the Purifying range to bring solutions to anyone searching for products that offer real results and improvements to skin’s overall appearance.

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