October - Mental Health Month

October - Mental Health Month

It's Mental Health Month and we're here to honour it. Throughout October the world collectively acknowledges that we all have bad days, and that having these days simply makes us human, the beautiful complex creatures that we are. It’s the world’s way of saying ‘hey…it’s ok to not be ok’.

We band together and open the conversation up around when we struggle, why and how we pull ourselves out of these funks. Sometimes life can be challenging, scary and down right infuriating, knowing who to turn to when you’re feeling low is so important. Know your tribe, turn to your circle and rest assured it is normal and totally ok to have ‘blah’ days… or even weeks. Being happy 24/7 is simply unattainable, curve balls will inevitably be thrown your way and being stoic and strong isn’t always the answer - it’s ok to feel all the feels. Raise your hand if you’re a highly emotional babe? Us too. 

Some of us will battle with specific mental illness’s that require more attention, this doesn’t make us unlovable, difficult or ‘too much’, it makes us different in the best kind of way. We will see the world through alternative lenses and interpret things on a different vibration. Whatever your triggers are or the mountains and valleys that you come across, there is support.  

There are some beautiful ways that we can take care of ourselves and our mental health, it’s a little thing called self love. Take care of yourself like you would a close friend, wrap yourself in cotton wool and be kind to yourself. This can be in the way we eat, choosing foods that nourish the soul and the body. It can be in the small rituals we create for ourselves, like an early morning coffee in the sun, or a walk with our favourite podcast in our ears. It can be prioritising sleep, meditating, or creating a haven in which we can return to at the end of our day. Choose your safe place, choose your peaceful moments and have them often. Remember, we’re all weird and wonderful in our own way. 

The Cosmology Skincare team is not immune to bad days, after all, we’re human. We look out for each other and know how crucial it is to have a supportive work place where individuality is embraced and a whole lotta love is spread around the office. We care for one another deeply. 

This is part of team Cosmology, and this is what we do to look after our mental health. 

Holly - Graphic Designer

Millie - Marketing

Macy - Social Media

If you feel like some Cosmology Skincare would enhance your self love practice, then click here.  


If you or someone you know is struggling and needs help, look to the links and phone numbers below. 

Beyond Blue 

Lifeline - 13 11 14 

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