On Holiday with Cosmology - our head of Graphic Design does Bali!

On Holiday with Cosmology - our head of Graphic Design does Bali!

On Holidays with Cosmology - our head of Graphic Design does Bali! 

Cosmology takes Bali! Our head of Graphic Design, Holly, recently took flight to Bali to soak up the sun, indulge in many cocktails, and visit some of the most exclusive and luxury beach clubs on the island. Her mission for this holiday? Mucho relaxo. Period.

On holiday with Cosmology!

Most have been to Bali, but for those who haven’t, the Island of Gods is a short 6 hour flight from the Gold Coast. After landing in Denpasar, Holly headed straight to her villa in Seminyak where 4 of her best girlfriends were waiting. Who else can envision ‘fox in a hen house’ vibes for this trip!? The girls definitely got their groove on but took time to reset with massages, facials, good food and plenty of pool time. 

"Taking myself on vacation to break up the year of working mum life was not only refreshing but absolutely necessary! Bali was perfect for my first big trip away from the kids and a great place to not completely break the bank! Escaping winter for the sun and sea was just what I needed."

Their 5 bedroom villa in Seminyak oozed island luxe with a palm tree lined pool and cabana style rooms with the cutest thatch roofs. Balinese carved timber doors and rattan lounge chairs added to the dream space. The inside of the villa was a idilic infusion of whites and neutrals, blending perfectly with printed ceramic tiles throughout the bathrooms. The luxe and spacious bedrooms overflowed with linen cushions and woven blankets, opening up out on to the pool area, leading you straight to the cutest, cosiest outdoor lounges for sunset. 

Pamillia in Uluwatu was a vibe

Holly is our hype girl when it comes to all things content and ‘living your best life’ instagrammable moments. Of course, leave it to our graphic design queen to visit the most lavish restaurants and beach clubs in Bali. She was only in Bali for a week, but the girl can move! 

Palmilla Bali Beach Club is located in Ungasan, in the heart of Melasti Beach. Picture a secluded oasis with sky high cliffs, hugged with palm trees and the whitest sand. Dapple that sand with white umbrellas and the infinity pool that overlooks the ocean, and you’ve got ISLAND LUXE.

Elkabron Beach Club is also located in Uluwatu (for those who don’t know, Uluwatu is further south of Canggu and Seminyak, a quieter vibe and popular for surfers). Elkabron is for the sunset chaser, the girl who appreciates oceanfront dining, and Holl is that girl! Like Pamillia, Elkabron’s ambience is that of exclusivity and extravagance. Cue the palm trees and huge infinity pool hugging the ocean. These guys have regular parties with DJ’s playing most of the night, safe to say that Holl was at home!  

Like the rest of the Cosmology team, Holl is a foodie. So we lived vicariously through her as she ate her way through the cuisines of Bali.  Vacay is the time to diss the diet, banish the booty band and enjoy all the food on the menu, seriously…order it all. 

Vacay rule number one, order everything on the menu!

in Canggu is modern Japanese and is an absolute v-i-b-e. It’s beachfront location, fusion sushi made with sustainably sourced ingredients (fresh fish caught daily and sourced from local fishermen) and an extensive cocktail menu made Holl very happy. YUKI collective was a top pick for our Cosmology creative guru. 

Luma stands for love…right? Well Holl and her girls loved Luma. They happily lounged in this European inspired restaurant while ordering pancetta-wrapped tiger prawns with sweet corn, local polenta and cavolo nero, followed by Banana tarte tatin and coconut ice cream. This trip was about treating, can you guess? So, the Pomelo Gimlet cocktail was ordered on repeat.

We haven’t forgotten the most important part of this journal, Holl's holiday skincare. 

Holiday skin - get the glow!

Yes she let her hair down and indulged but Holly wanted to maintain her glow on this getaway. She kept it sweet and simple, but stayed accountable for both her AM and PM routine.

“When it comes to skincare I’m more of a basic girl, on a day-to-day the simpler the routine the more likely I am to stay consistent, so when I was packing that’s what I had in mind! My routine is usually only 4 products but knowing that I was travelling to a warmer climate coming from winter I knew my skin might freak out a little, along with the alcohol and food I would be consuming on vacay! “ 

“Switching up my usual skin routine while on holiday and only packing products that tick as many boxes as possible, without being time consuming was a must for me. I packed products that wouldn’t be too heavy but hydrating and helped to avoid any potential breakouts.”

"My skin is quite neutral - the only thing I’m prone to is pigmentation so SPF is a non negotiable!"


Holly’s AM routine:

Resurfacing Gel Cleanser - to gently exfoliate and hydrate

Active C Serum - Niacinamide & antioxidants to reduce pigmentation and brighten

UV Defence Moisturiser - a physical sunscreen to protect and nourish


Holly’s PM routine:

Resurfacing Gel Cleanser - to gently exfoliate and hydrate

Active A Serum - to improve skin texture, plump and restore skin 

Hydrating Eye Cream - for reducing fine lines and hydrating the eye area

Restorative Oil - extra nourishment for sun kissed skin

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