Skin Care Hacks For The New Season

Skin Care Hacks For The New Season

Dry skin, chapped lips, loss of hydration? Say hello to Winter. The colder months certainly bring a lot of fun things, like winter fashion, hearty-meals and hot chocolate runs, but it can also really do a number on your skin. Even for girls who have the most vigilant skin care routines, or balanced skin types, the dry winter air can always wreak havoc head-to-toe. When skin becomes dehydrated, it often leads to dullness and flaking. Why? The cold weather, the decreased humidity, and the freezing winds all break down your skin's barrier which is the catalyst for red, dry or irritated skin. It’s normal, after all we are all sensitive creatures. But fear not, in this article we will show you how to apply a little extra TLC to ensure it’s not just your body that’s thrown o-kilter.



Schedule A Skin Treatment

Believe it or not, Winter is the ideal time to invest in skin treatments. Of course, we all think about peels and laser treatments when we are revealing a little more skin in Summer, but with exposure to the sun prior to, or following such treatments, there’s an increased risk of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. This period throughout the year therefore presents an opportunity for pre-planning before the silly season commences. Have you considered a course in micro needling to stimulate collagen cells and replenish skin glow or perhaps a course of laser hair removal to kiss goodbye unwanted hair? Whatever it is you’re looking to work on during the colder months, we have you covered at Gold Coast Skin Boutique.



Exfoliate Regularly

Dry Skin cells often leads to dullness in your skin’s radiance and clog follicles, which supports undesired breakouts. You’ll want to scrub away these dead cells in order for new cells to flourish without a barrier.


Additionally, exfoliation increases the eectiveness of moisturisers. As you will be amplifying your moisturiser usage, it’s completely worth taking advantage of its power!



Amp Up Your Moisturiser

As temperatures plummet, taking us from autumn gradually into winter, our skin often bears the brunt. However it’s not a case of enduring lacklustre skin, and there are preventative measures you can take with the right product to keep your skin hydrated, supple and as healthy as possible.

Amp up your routine with Cosmology’s Restorative Oil moisturiser. Developed with a mix of pure potent oils including Rose Hip (oil) to ensure intensive nourishment and hydration over 24 hours. This product also harnesses anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties to work on scar tissue, acne, fine lines and wrinkles. Undoubtedly, this moisturising oil which acts as an evening moisturiser will leave your skin feeling plumped and repaired.



Add a Boost of Hydration

With low temperatures, the moisture from our skin tends to evaporate more quickly, leaving us with dry, tight, flaky skin which sometimes feels like an uphill battle. While there is not much we can do to manage the weather outside, there are certainly measures we can take to manage our skin.

In addition to your day-and-night skin care routines, why not add a boost of hydration with an Oxygen Facial.

Intraceuticals Oxygen Treatments available at Gold Coast Skin Boutique are a unique experience providing instant results. Fine lines and blemishes appear visibly reduced, skin looks rejuvenated, radiant and fresh.


Intraceuticals Signature Treatments:



Atoxelene OxygenTreatment



Oxygen facials also help improve blood circulation to the face, which can help skin look bright and plump. Oxygen facial uses one that sprays highly concentrated, vitamin-infused oxygen molecules directly into the outer layer of your skin.



Protect Your Lips

Winter weather isn't very forgiving when it comes to your lips. There’s no surprise that the colder months cause chapped lips. The unfavourable combination of cold wind chill outside- and dry, heated air inside – all conspire together to create lip chaos. page5image16396096

Ensuring your lip balm is ointment based and contains SPF is one way to help combat sore irritated lips, but also staying hydrated and refraining from licking your lips.



Don’t Neglect SPF

We all know that UV rays can do damage, even if you’re not in direct sunlight getting burned. By staying committed to SPF during winter, you can also reduce skin cell damage as a result of low moisture levels in your skin which contributed to increased cracks, wrinkles and even skin infection. By using SPF, you’re helping your skin maintain an extra layer of moisture and protection no matter the season or environment.

Cosmology’s UV Defence Moisturiser is a physical sunscreen moisturiser with intense protection, calming, hydrating and nourishing properties, enriched with antioxidants and peptides, helping to rejuvenate the skin with high levels of zinc, responsible for creating a physical barrier against UV rays.


A product developed to smooth wrinkles and fine lines, boosting skin hydration and also protecting the skin from UV rays that could cause sun damage. Needless to say, a Winter must-have for your morning routine.

Connect with us at to book your winter pick-me-up appointment at our Kirra or Surfers Paradise clinic.


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