Raise your hand if you have no idea in what order your skin care is applied and struggle with the order of application, yep we get it. What a luxury it is to have an array of beautiful products to use on the daily, but not knowing how to apply them can be a problem. We’ve broken it down for you, so that you can use the Cosmology range with confidence and become an application queen.


This is a no brainer! Purify the skin of makeup, toxins and built up oil or dirt before applying any other product. We recommend doing this twice of a morning if you can. The first round will work off the makeup while the second round will get you to the squeaky clean stage you need for other products to absorb properly. Our Hydrating Cleanser is enriched with organic oils, calming properties, vitamins and anti-oxidants to remove all impurities from the skin.


The unsung hero! Exfoliating is so important for removing unwanted dead skin cells and again will allow other products to penetrate more effectively. Our Resurfacing Serum acts as an exfoliator and stimulates cellular renewal. Exfoliate in the evening and limit usage to 3 times a week!


Do not continue on without an eye cream, we beg you. This sensitive area needs some TLC and our Rejuvenating Eye Cream will do just that. Apply in the morning onto clean skin. With a combination of valuable ingredients including our secret weapon, Liquid Crystals, this cream provides instant plumping and restores the skin.


These incredibly active products are your best friend, they are highly concentrated with all the important elements like nutrients, antioxidants and hydrators. If you suffer specifically with pigment or a dull complexion then your skin saint will be our Brightening Serum, watch as this product brightens your skin using a Tyrosinase and Melanin inhibitor. Apply in the am!


The absolute veteran of skincare! Moisturiser is still such a crucial part of any skin routine and can be applied in both the morning and evening. It does exactly as it states but it also works to smooth and brighten the complexion while fighting off signs of aging. Our Collagen Moisturiser is infused with peptides, lipids and anti-oxidants helping to repair DNA cells. Need we say more?


For all of you who take this one for granted, you must wear sunscreen, we repeat, MUST. The sun is responsible for roughly 90% of aging, including  wrinkling, spotting and the loss of elasticity of the skin. Give your skin the best chance of defence from the elements with our UV Defense Moisturiser which creates a physical barrier against UV rays. Apply this product in the morning only.


Want to begin your journey to amazing skin? Take our questionnaire that will discover the best skincare routine for your skin concerns.

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