What cleanser is right for you

What cleanser is right for you

Let’s chat about cleansers because these babies often take a back seat when it comes to investing in skincare and including them in your daily routine. You need to be tailoring your cleanser to your skin needs and the seasons that come and go. Without considering a quality cleanser your skin is prone to breakouts, premature ageing and dehydration. Cleansing properly also (and twice) prepares your skin for the application of the active products that go on after, it allows these products to do their jobs and absorb into the skin properly. Think of it this way, why spend all of that hard-earned cash on quality active products if you aren’t prepping your skin before applying them? Let them do the work on a clean and cleansed base.


When we look at seasons, remember this - in winter we want to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! In summer we want to be very aware of potential oil build-up and choose something lightweight. Don’t use the same cleanser all year round, change with the seasons and listen to your skin, and notice how it responds to heat and cold. So, what cleanser should you be choosing from the Cosmology Skincare Range? We’ll dive deeper so that you can choose confidently.


  1. Dry, mature, or sensitive skin – this skin type is needing something really nourishing and gentle. Remove make-up and build-up from your day with our Hydrating Milk Cleanser. Bursting with Organic Oils, Vitamins, Antioxidants & Lipids, this cleanser will refresh and calm the skin, plump and safely remove eye makeup. Key ingredients like Chamomile Water, Rosehip Oil and Jojoba Oil will leave your skin nourished, glowing and clear.


  1. Combination, dry and mature skin – another cleanser that is great for this skin type is our Silk Enzyme Cleanser. It is fantastic for tackling both skin tone AND hydration, while also allowing for gentle daily exfoliation. Replenish the skin's moisture levels, and unclog pores with Liquid Crystals, Ban Oil and Silk Extract. Psst, the Liquid Crystals contain intense anti-ageing properties too.



  1. Uneven skin tone and texture – if your concerns sit with your complexion and uneven skin tone then you’ll need a cleanser that stimulates cell renewal and exfoliation. Our Resurfacing Gel Cleanser exfoliates using Alpha Hydroxy Acids, improves the skin tone with Lactic Acids and assists in cellular restoration. Although highly active, this cleanser is gentle with the inclusion of AHA’s and anti-inflammatories while removing dead skin cells and impurities, reducing any congestion in the skin to give that instant glow.


  1. Oil and break-out-prone skin – if you are someone that suffers from pesky breakouts and oily skin then opt for something that works hard to eliminate congestion and bacteria. Our Purifying Charcoal Cleanser will clear inflammation with natural ingredients that calm and gently exfoliate at the same time. The charcoal within this cleanser draws out the oils and impurities to really unclog pores. Keep your skin smooth and soft with Vitamin B5, Activated Charcoal and Tea Tree Oil.



With this breakdown of the best cleansers in the beauty industry (cue Cosmology Skincare), we know you will reap the benefits of high-quality ingredients, and a tailored cleanser. Choose according to your concern and skin type. And remember, don’t be afraid to swap your cleanser out mid-way through the year with the changing seasons.


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