We’ve always been a big fan of a dewy and flawless finish BB cream. That’s why we developed one that trumps the others, the barely their makeup look that still gives just the right amount of coverage and moisturises and protects the skin at the same time. Coming in three shades the Cosmology BB Cream offers long-lasting coverage that is buildable. Most importantly, this cream gives protection from UVA & UVB Radiation with SPF 30+ so you can pop it on and be ready to head straight out the door – no need for oily sunscreen underneath. Suited for all skin types, this product will rejuvenate your tone and complexion.

But where is the line drawn in the sand when we compare a BB cream and a foundation? You can find much heavier coverage with a foundation and often more options in terms of shades. Foundations also come in liquid, mousse, powder and stick form. However, if you’re after a more natural look and skin health is your priority, you’ll want to opt for a BB Cream. BB Creams are thicker than your average tinted moisturiser but give you the best of both worlds for skin health and blemish cover.


Here are some key elements that make our BB Cream more special and beneficial for your skin:

  • Physical Sunscreen with SPF 30+ protection. The physical sunscreen creates a strong barrier against UV rays and completely blocks them from penetrating the skin
  • It is a medical-grade luminescent moisturiser so your skin will be hydrated and happy
  • Provides DNA repair and wrinkle reduction – we all want an anti-aging component in our skincare so this was a must for the Cosmology team
  • Inhibits pigment and repairs the skin’s barrier so you’ll notice less of that pesky pigment while also preventing it
    We also hit up our girl Ebony Livingstone (Gold Coast Makeup Artist) for advice on the key take aways when choosing between a foundation or BB Cream. Ebony knows what’s up when it comes to choosing the right products for a perfect finish.
    “For years BB creams have been a staple in a lot of people’s makeup bags. For day to day wear most people are after something quick and easy to apply, with a tiny bit of coverage to even out skin tone,” said Ebony Livingstone, Gold Coast Makeup Artist.
    “The Cosmology Skincare BB Cream is the best of both worlds. It’s packed full of amazing skincare ingredients and what I like most is that it is a BB Cream that has a nice coverage. It’s perfect for everyday to quickly apply and go. It can also be built up to have a fuller coverage and layered with other makeup products for night time wear.”

    What do you prefer to wear?

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