5 reasons why you should use a face oil

5 reasons why you should use a face oil

The biggest misconception about face oil is that it is too heavy if you already have skin that has a tendency to be oily. A lot of the time, our skin over produces oil because it isn’t getting enough hydration! With this in mind, it can be an amazing product to nourish the skin and keep natural oil levels at bay. During winter is the optimum time to change over to a face oil, our skin needs something richer and heavier to get us through the cold months that dry out the skin.  


Face oils are incredibly hydrating, especially when we are experiencing low temperatures and constantly using heaters which dry the skin out. When we think of flaky, tight, dry and red skin we straight away recommend a luscious oil to bring your skin back to life.


Oils are fantastic for antiageing and reducing wrinkles. When our skin is exposed to free radicals it causes fine lines and sunspots (no thank you). Face oils that are packed with antioxidants like our Restorative Oil, will help to defend against free radicals and keep your skin protected.


They can be used in many ways, apply an oil under your makeup as a primer to give that glowing and dewy complexion or under your moisturiser before bed so that it can act like an overnight mask. They are even great for sunburn to soothe and hydrate skin that’s looking a little red.


Oils can be used for any skin type! Yep that’s right, oily skin types can benefits from a face oil. This product works to balance and reduce excess oil produced by your skin. Our Restorative Oil contains Jojoba Oil which stabilises the skin’s natural sebum production and works as an anti-inflammatory.


They are effective in evening out the skin’s tone and helping to correct discolouration. Oils can also promote a brighter and more even complexion through the protection against free radicals. Rosehip oil is packed with antioxidants to support a healthy skin barrier – you’ll find this ingredient in our Restorative Oil.



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