Black Friday Sales are here! Treat yourself, treat your skin.

Black Friday Sales are here! Treat yourself, treat your skin.

Collect your cash ladies (and gents), Black Friday sales are here! We’re so excited to be able to offer our products at a discount so that you can really spoil yourself. Treat yourself, treat your skin. Cosmology Skincare will never compromise on quality, but we will give our beautiful customers the gift of a sale every so often, the biggest of the year - Black Friday.  

Between the 24th and 27th of November you can enjoy a significant sale on our complete range. Now is the time to invest in your skin, and up your game with your routine. Christmas is just around the corner if you fancy spoiling someone else in your life with some Cosmology Skincare. Stock up on your faves and ensure you start the new year with healthy and happy skin. 

We deserve to feel incredible in our own skin, and so do you. 

Enjoy 60% Off

Body Resurfacing Serum - we cannot forget the bod! The skin on the rest of our body is also effected by the visible signs of ageing, especially the neck and décolletage. We’ve formulated this rich serum specifically for these areas. A mix of Vitamin B3, Pomegranate and AHA’s will work hard to exfoliate and unclog pores. Applying this serum daily will remove all of those dead skin cells to reveal glowing skin! 

Silk Enzyme Cleanser - this cleanser includes the magic ingredient of Liquid Crystals (also found in our Rejuvenating Eye Cream!) which has a huge amount of anti-ageing properties. The Ban Oil in this cleanser will improve the skin’s texture and the Silk Extract will boost hydration. Remove your day and nourish your skin with this luxurious cleanser. 

Calming Serum - this serum does exactly what it says it will do, calms and nourishes the skin. Perfect for usage after in clinic treatments like peels, lasers and needling. We’ve formulated this serum with Aloe Vera, Hyaluronic Acid and Zinc to calm irritated skin, soothe, repair and stimulate collagen production. It’s like a warm cozy blanket in a serum! 

BB Cream - BB Creams are the ultimate product to give you that ‘no makeup’ look, we are obsessed with the dewy coverage. They also provide the benefits of sun protection, DNA repair, wrinkle reduction, pigment inhibition, moisture balance and so much more. Buildable long lasting coverage that will have you looking fresh all day long.    

Enjoy 50% Off

Purifying Charcoal Cleanser - if you struggle with excess oil in your skin, this cleanser will help with that. Designed to extract excess sebum and impurities in the skin, our Purifying Charcoal Cleanser will completely clear the surface of the skin and also deep into the pores.

Eye Cream - you should not be starting or finishing your day without eye cream, this delicate area will show signs of ageing quick smart! Our Hydrating Eye Cream and Rejuvenating Eye Cream will fight the signs of ageing by reducing fine lines and wrinkles, brighten, plump and hydrate. 

Restorative Oil - the Rosehip Oil in this formula ensures intense nourishment and hydration over 24 hours. A beautiful oil combining anti-inflammatories and anti-oxidants to tackle scar tissue, acne, fine lines and wrinkles. Plump and repair your skin with this wonder oil. 

Regenerative Serum - this punchy serum is designed to wind back the clock with Epidermal Growth Factors and Peptides. It will boost collagen production, encourage cellular growth and assist with wound healing. End result? A reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, and visibly firmer and rejuvenated skin.  

Enjoy 40% Off

Collagen Moisturiser - we know this is a favourite amongst you all, it’s sold out more than once and we’ve scrambled to get it restocked. Our Collagen Moisturiser is an anti-ageing warrior. The ingredients that really pack a punch in this formula are Peptides, Lipids and Anti-oxidants which work their little butts off to restore moisture, smooth, brighten and repair cells. 

Daily Moisturiser - a daily essential but far from basic, this moisturiser utilises Hyaluronic Acid, Honey and Lipids to retain moisture in the skin, firm, plump, smooth and assist in wound healing. Say hello to a more youthful complexion with this product. 

Hydrating Milk Cleanser - another high in demand ‘sold out’ Cosmology Skincare product, but don’t worry it’s back in stock! The Hydrating Milk Cleanser is rich in Organic Oils, Vitamins and Anti-oxidants to clear the skin of impurities while nourishing and restoring the skin’s barrier. Soothe, replenish and hydrate with this incredibly popular formula. 

Active A Serum - our Active A Serum means business, and that business entails Retinal, essential for anti-ageing as it stimulates healthy skin cell production. The Niacinamide in this formula improves the skin’s texture, reducing the ‘crepey’ look and improving skin tone. To really get things going we’ve included Hydrolysed Marine Collagen to renew and repair skin cells. If you want to stop ageing in its’ tracks, this serum is a must have.

Resurfacing Gel Cleanser - a highly effective cleanser for those concerned with uneven skin tone and pigmentation. The Alpha Hydroxy Acids work to exfoliate the skin, while the Lactic Acid improves skin tone. We’ve also popped in Vitamin E so that while you’re cleansing you’re also assisting in cellular restoration. 

Enjoy 40% Off

Active B Serum
- this serum is absolutely divine, it’s a nutritious snack for your skin! Created with Vitamin B3, Hyaluronic Acid, Anti-inflammatory properties and Pigment Inhibitors, it gives a healthy glow while repairing any damaged DNA cells. If you’re prone to break outs, the honey in this formula will also help with speedy wound healing. 

Resurfacing Serum - this chemical exfoliant in our range is a game changer! We’ve combined AHA’s and BHA’s to clear and exfoliate the skin deeply, while the Niacinamide improves texture. This combination removes dead skin cells, unclogs your pores and reduces pigmentation (while also preventing it!). 

Purifying Serum - this serum is responsible for increasing volume in the skin, our skin loses volume as we age and we want to both slow this process down and also replenish the volume that has been lost. Vitamins A and B, and Peptides promote clear and calm skin while minimising hyperpigmentation and plumping the skin. 

Anti-inflammatory Serum - as the name suggests, this powerful serum will calm the angriest of skin! Designed for acne prone skin, this serum has a rich blend of BHA’s, multi-minerals and natural oils to exfoliate, resulting in smoother texture and a brighter complexion. 

Active C Serum - can we all take a minute to appreciate this incredible serum!? The hard hitters in this formula are Tyrosinase and Melanin Inhibitors which prevent the formation of pigment and brighten the skin as a result. Sprinkle in AHA’s and Anti-oxidants to exfoliate and protect from free radicals and UV damage. Our Active C Serum is the product you didn’t know you needed. 

 Enjoy 50% Off Accessories

Reusable Face Rounds
- our reusable facial rounds are made with soft microfibre to ensure your entire face is free from residual makeup and allows for a deep and thorough cleanse.

Cosmetic Bag - the perfect place to stash all of your skincare and toiletries. This cosmetic bag will hold all of your intimate belongings and comes in a cute transparent design. You'll find convenience and style with the white fabric handles. 


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