Collagen: The Protein Powerhouse

Collagen: The Protein Powerhouse

You may have noticed ‘collagen’ become a bit of a buzzword in mainstream media, particular in the health, beauty, and wellness sectors.  Every day, there is a new supplement, diet or blog touting its advantages.

With an abundance of sources of collagen in the market, it can be confusing to understand just how it is beneficial to you inside and out.

Let’s first explore what collagen is.

Collagen is a highly influential protein in our bodies that plays an essential role in the strength and functionality of our bones, joints, connective tissues, muscles, gut, nails, hair and skin. In fact, 75–80 percent of our skin’s constitution is made up of collagen.



With our daily grind and the excess to which we use each of our bodily resources, we need to ensure we are offering additional support  to our body’s production, particularly if we want to enjoy a youthful, long-lasting, glowing complexion.



Our bodies naturally produce collagen by combining amino acids – from protein-rich foods such as lean meat, fish, dairy and eggs – with key vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C, zinc and copper. The problem however, is that as we age, the ability our body has to generate and stimulate collegen naturally dicipates. This leads to visible fine lines & wrinkles along with skin sagging & dullness.

Boost Your Collagen Intake

Have you tried organic bone broth? Rich in glycine which is the amino acid that helps to protect and strengthen our gut health, as well as proline which enhances collagen production. Additionally, bone broth is incredibly anti-inflammatory, which works to reduce gut and skin inflammation.

Choose Collagen Rich Products Wisely. 

With a plethora of  “collagen based” products on the market, it can be super confusing choosing a topical collagen skin care products that you are confident will support your body’s natural ability to synthesise collagen. Our Collagen Moisturiser for example, is a beauty-boosting elixir that is infused with peptides, lipids and anti-oxidants; formulated to restore moisture, smooth and brightening your complexion, rejuvenating its appearance while repairing DNA cells, providing the skin with long-lasting anti-ageing protection.
To put an extra spring in your skin care step, our Active A serum is made up of Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen which renews and repairs skin cells whilst stimulating healthy skin cell production. This goes hand-in-hand with our Hydrating Eye Cream.



Vitamin C 

We all know the importance of Vitamin C when it comes to our immune system and the maintenance of cartilage, bones and teeth but Vitamin C but is it is also a critical factor for collagen synthesis helping to prevent cellular ageing. Our Active C Serum contains vitamin C which serves to even skin tone, improve skin strength and the skins overall appearance.



Click here for more information on Cosmology’s collagen rich products.



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