EOFY Sale is On - #NakedConfidence

EOFY Sale is On - #NakedConfidence


If you’ve been following our recent journey you’ll notice that we’ve got a big focus on #NakedConfidence. What exactly is #NakedConfidence? It’s being so happy in your own skin that you no longer feel the need to apply makeup every time you leave the house, or feeling self conscious when you are fresh faced and bare skinned. It’s no longer hiding who you are, it’s standing up and saying ‘hey - this is me and I LOVE it’. 

Sure, there’s fun in applying makeup and getting all glammed up, but it’s what’s underneath that matters the most. Clear, healthy and glowing skin hits different and #NakedConfidence is that type of ‘different’. It’s about owning who you are, no apologies. It’s about no longer hiding your beautiful face with excess makeup and spending hours in front of a mirror criticising every part of you, nuh-uh - darling those days are over. 

We understand that inflamed skin, pigmentation, lines and overall dullness can really take a toll on your self esteem, but this can be reversed, you are not locked into the skin that you currently have. We’ve developed highly active skincare products and routines that will transform your skin, and have you running that #NakedConfidence. 

It’s no joke, we mean business. Because women’s confidence is what we live for, it’s why we analyse every formula (over and over) so that it delivers results, it’s why we follow your skin journey so that we know we’re giving women what they need to feel incredible. 

We want you to put your best face forward, because you deserve to. You deserve to own every unique part of what makes you you, be utterly happy with the skin you’re in. 

A full skincare routine can feel like a big (ish) expense but it’s oh so worth it, an investment in yourself. We love you guys, so want to make the transition from drab skin to fab skin as enjoyable and affordable as possible for you.

For the whole month of June we are offering a Buy One Get One Half Price promotion. This actually includes our bundles - yes, our already discounted bundles are included in our EOFY sale. Please, treat yourself!

This is the ideal time to start your skin journey with us. Begin a routine with products that suit your skin type, and don’t break the bank. This is the first (and potentially last time) we will run such a generous offer, so now is your time. Jump into #NakedConfidence.

It’s the #NakedConfidence era - your era. 

The Rejuvenating Range is a line capable of remodelling skin structure, returning the youthful appearance to aged skin, while increasing volume and regenerating tissue. Shop this bundle with your favourite trio and save $40.

Rejuvenating Range - transform your skin with your favourite trio.

The Purifying Range  
is perfect for those dealing with the discomfort of congestion and inflammation. This range offers options to help all skin types, but will work great for oily, combination, and especially acne prone skin, as it carries properties developed to increase skin health. Shop the bundle and save! 

The Purifying Range is great for acne prone skin. Shop the bundle and save!

Our Resurfacing Range was developed to transform the overall skin's appearance, improving aspects like elasticity, volume and brightness. In the Resurfacing Range you will also find products to protect the skin against UV rays, prevent discolouration, improve texture and tone. Shop this bundle and save serious money!

The Resurfacing Range is perfect for those that battle with pigment!

Shop our EOFY sale now and embrace your #NakedConfidence. 

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