Holiday Skin

Holiday Skin

Holiday Skin

Holiday skin! 

Going on holiday is no reason to drop the ball on your skincare routine, if anything, it’s even more important to take care of your skin when you are away. Long haul flights can really dry out our skin, cause break outs and make us feel congested. We know that going on vacation with the girls is super exciting and that it’s the ultimate time to eat and drink absolutely everything, but maintaining your skincare means you will be keeping that glow from take off to touch down.

Throw everything else out the window, put down the pilates mat and boycott the diet, holidays are for indulging, overspending, wearing whatever you want and pressing the pause button on life. Your only priority? Your skin. The best way to keep on top of it is to keep it simple, take the essentials and commit to applying them daily. When you arrive at your accommodation, lay out your products like you would at home, this will keep you accountable and seeing them on a bathroom vanity (no matter where you are in the world) will prompt you to apply them. 

Long flights:

When we board a plane, the humidity can drop by at least 20%, so our skin works overtime to try and compensate for this, leading to pretty extreme dehydration as moisture is pulled from the deeper layers of the skin. The recirculated cabin air also increases dehydration and has a similar effect to sitting directly in front of an air conditioner for hours. 

A change in climate:

Our skin is pretty amazing and intelligent, did you know it has it’s very own built-in hydration system? This system is called the natural moisturising factor (NMF) which adjusts based on the environment that we are in. 

Let’s break this down a bit - if you spend most of your time in a warm and humid climate, your skin will naturally produce less NMF then someone who is situated in a cold climate. So if you travel from a humid climate to a cooler climate, your skin will not have enough NMF initially to stay hydrated and will dry out pretty drastically. In time your skin will regulate and adjust, but this is difficult when you’re jet setting on small trips. 

To combat this, it’s ideal to opt for a product that offers intense hydration and contains a rich ingredients like Rosehip or Jojoba Oil. These ingredients allow for rejuvenation and help restore the skin overnight. 

Steer clear of hotel products:

As tempting as it is to use the cute hotel bathroom products, please don’t! These baddies will strip the skin of all the good stuff as they contain some pretty nasty ingredients. Reaching for these products (no matter how cute the packaging is) won’t help your skin on its regulation journey. Your skin is a gentle organ, so use gentle products and be kind to it.

So you can’t use any of the hotel products, what do you use? Your own. A perfect way to transport your skincare routine is in mini containers, with labels. This will lessen the amount of luggage you have and even allow you to take your skincare onboard with you, meaning you can apply it mid flight. Mini containers can be purchased from most chemists and Priceline’s. Take it a step further and place labels the top so you know what is what and can grab with ease. 

Sun protection:

A lot of the time we are headed to the tropics right? Endless warm days, cocktails and living in bikinis. It is so important to protect our skin from the sun when we are spending so much time in it. Get your tan on girl, we get it, but please protect your precious face (and bod) from UV rays. UV rays are the leading cause of premature ageing, need we say more. Choose a physical sunscreen over a chemical sunscreen, a physical formula will completely deflect and protect from UV rays, where as the chemical formulas still absorb the rays before shattering them. 

What products should you be taking on holiday? Our top 5 are listed below. 

Hydrating Milk Cleanser - a cream cleanser enriched with organic oils, vitamins & anti-oxidants to remove all impurities from the skin. Nutrient & lipid enriched to restore barrier, soothe inflammation & replenish ultimate hydration. Once make-up & debris is removed the essential formula can remain on the skin due to its quality. This cleanser safely removes eye make-up and is ideal for post treatments including laser & chemical peels to inhibit trans-epidermal water loss through the healing phase.Our Hydrating Milk CleanserHydrating Eye Cream - an intensive eye cream with peptides, anti-oxidants, Vitamin E plus brightening ingredients to moisturise, plump, reduce inflammation and fine lines, and wrinkles, while reducing dark circles. Nourish the area around the eyes with this advanced formula.Hydrating Eye CreamRestorative Oil - a mix of pure potent oils including Rose Hip Oil to ensure intensive nourishment and hydration over 24 hours, plus anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties to work on scar tissue, acne, fine lines and wrinkles. This oil will leave your skin feeling plumped and repaired and is the most recommended moisturiser for dry skin types. It’s rich texture hydrates and restores skin complexion overnight.Our Restorative Oil is a rich texture for intense nourishmentRegenerative Serum - a serum formulated with epidermal growth factors and peptides to encourage cellular growth. This formula helps to heal wounds and boosts collagen production, which reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, leaving skin visibly firmer and replenished. The best option for anti-ageing purposes, as it gives you younger and smoother looking skin.Restore your skin with our Regenerative SerumUV Defence Moisturiser - a physical sunscreen and moisturiser with intense protection, calming, hydrating and nourishing properties, enriched with anti-oxidants and peptides. This product helps to rejuvenate the skin with high levels of zinc, which is responsible for creating a physical barrier against UV rays. A moisturiser developed to smooth wrinkles and fine lines, boost skin hydration and also protecting the skin from UV rays.Protect against UV Rays with our UV Defense Moisturiser

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