Hydration Station – how to prevent and treat dry skin

Hydration Station – how to prevent and treat dry skin


Dehydration of the skin is something that we all encounter at some point. Ultimately it occurs when our body is losing more water then it is taking in, which transfers to the appearance and texture of our skin. Many external factors can contribute, including our diet, lack of water consumption, exposure to air conditioning for long periods of time and also the weather. Signs of dehydration can come in the form of irritation, sensitivity and inflammation caused from an over production of oil. Our skin can then go into ‘fix it’ mode when its dry by producing more, and in most cases too much oil (this is not to be confused with an Oily Skin type). You will also feel as if your skin has a rough surface and tight. You may also notice that you get under eye circles and your fine lines become more prominent. Overall we are left with a dull complexion and miss that glow more then ever!


Working from the inside out is always important. Hot tip: some great foods to include in your diet to help with skin hydration are watermelon, cucumber, papaya, coconut and lemon water. But using the right products will turn your skin around and ultimately be the most important thing you can do for dehydrated skin. It is crucial to always understand what your skin type is to ensure you are using products that are correct for your skin type. Wrong skincare can dehydrate your skin. One of the most important elements of Cosmology Skincare, is its’ focus on hydration, our products focus on tackling dehydration and in turn tackling all other issues. We’ve put a selection together of four products from our Rejuvenating Range that will be your best defence again dehydration and many other issues all year round.


Hydrating Milk Cleanser – A cream cleanser enriched with organic oils, calming properties, vitamins and anti-oxidants to remove all impurities from the skin, including eye make-up, resetting hydration and soothing inflammation.

Active A Serum – A combination of Vitamins and Peptides that will regenerate scar tissue, plumping fine lines and smoothing wrinkles, improving the skins function and restoring its youthful state.

Collagen Moisturiser – A concentrated moisturiser infused with peptides, lipids and anti-oxidants; formulated to restore moisture, smoothing and brightening your complexion, rejuvenating its appearance while repairing DNA cells. Providing the skin with long lasting anti ageing protection.

Rejuvenating Eye Cream – A nourishing eye cream created with a combination of Liquid Crystals, anti-oxidants and natural extracts, inhibiting further environmental damage while restoring healthy skin and giving instant plumping.

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