Cosmology was created to make a difference in the cosmeceutical world. 

Our team built a complete skincare range using the most advance technology, combining high-quality ingredients to create efficient formulas. Everything was well-thought to provide results to anyone in the pursue of products that actually stand out.

The Cosmology experience includes the support of useful information in a process that allows everyone to choose the appropriate products for their own individual skin concerns. As from our own experience, so many things should be taken in consideration to create an inclusive and different skincare brand as people’s habits, skin types, routines, concerns, goals and individual preferences.

To achieve this goal, we divided Cosmology in to four ranges, looking to approach different aspects and improvements of the skin, as different skin types can have same skin concerns. Our aim is to cluster products by properties, capable to improve the skin complexion in its peculiarities, as in texture, tone, health and volume. This is the reason we created Resurfacing, Purifying, Rejuvenating and Pro ranges, to target different concerns for all skin types, attending individually to what is necessary to be improved or corrected.

We highly recommend everyone to look across all four ranges, to discover more about the types of products and do encourage to mix ranges.

Between all our products you will find great options to better your skin appearance and increase its overall health. 

We will keep bringing information and exciting news about products, ingredients and usage!

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