Let’s talk about skin texture.

Some of the concerns related to skin texture are due to skin injuries, over stripping the skins surface by over exfoliating, dead skin cells accumulation, lack of collagen or hydration and also pigment imbalance. We will explain each one of these situations, what they can cause and what can solve them.

The skin cells renew themselves constantly, leaving an accumulation of dead skin cells sitting on the top of the skin. This can cause clogged pores, leading to acne and a rough skin texture. For this reason, exfoliating regularly is such an important part of any skincare routine, as this cell renewal happens constantly.

Exfoliation is really necessary, but it is important to know that it should be done maximum of 2 to 3 times per week. To over exfoliate the skin can lead to over stripping, causing tears to the skin tissue, and other injuries, as accidents, can cause scaring, sometimes marking the surface of the skin permanently.

Another natural skin problem is the lack of collagen or hydration, that happens to everyone, due to the aging process. This natural damage causes fine lines, wrinkles and dullness, making the skin complexion looking aged, affecting the self-esteem of so many people every day.

We also have to talk about pigment imbalances as it happens for different reasons, such as hormonal changes or sun exposure, changing the skin tone in some areas of the face. Some of the most well-known examples of this imbalance are melasma, spots from discolouration or hyperpigmentation. Sometimes they can only be treated with clinical treatments as lasers and peels, but the maintenance is always necessary and requires appropriate products to avoid the pigment to come back.

When taking into consideration these skin concerns, we developed a whole range of products focused on treating skin texture. Our Resurfacing Range was developed to transform the overall skin appearance, improving aspects as elasticity, volume and brightness. Acids included in some of the formulas of the products in this range will exfoliate the skin, mildly or heavily, diminishing the appearance of scars and pigmentation, allowing the active ingredients to be better absorbed. These active ingredients also included in other Cosmology products will increase volume of the skin, while smoothing lines, replenishing collagen and intensively hydrating deep skin layers.

In the Resurfacing Range you will also find products to protect the skin against UV rays, preserving its youth appearance.

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