Moisturise vs Oil – what you should be using this winter

Moisturise vs Oil – what you should be using this winter

We’ve officially hit winter here in Australia and yikes our skin is already feeling it. Along with the dryness comes the debate of whether you should be using a moisturiser or ramping it up with an oil this season. When it’s cold we generally have far dryer skin. There is a misconception that those with an oily skin type should steer clear of oils, not necessarily the case. Oily skin can definitely still use oil and benefit from it! A good general rule to remember is this – the more balanced your skin is the less oil you will produce.

If your skin is actually dehydrated it will overcompensate and produce far more oil, tricking you into thinking you are an oily skin type, nup not the case. Another fun fact for you – as much as the temptation is high when you’re freezing your butt off, avoid running really hot showers on your face at night, it will strip the natural oils. During the cold months it is good to opt for an oil at night, those heaters that we constantly run at night can really dry out the skin! In the morning use a moisturiser that has a strong SPF, cue our UV Defense Moisturiser.

These two are our top picks for winter when it comes to the hydration you need while you’re perched up with that hot choccy in your fresh set of flannelettes!

Collagen Moisturiser – you read collagen and couldn’t stop reading, we’re with you on that. This moisturiser is suited for all skin types and contains Marine Collagen for supporting the skin’s fundamental building blocks, collagen and elastin. This ingredient reduces wrinkles and helps to maintain that youthful volume. Another star call out is the Q10 ingredient, which is super high in antioxidants, working to brighten the skin and even out skin tone.

Restorative Oil – again, perfect for ALL skin types, yes even if you feel oily already. The Organic Frankincense is fab for skin and studies show that it’s a big hero when it comes to strengthening, improving tone, elasticity and boosting the defence mode of skin against bacteria and blemishes.

Just a little hot tip when it comes to cleansing the skin in winter – for your first cleanse use a milk cleanser (our Hydrating Milk Cleanser of course) to avoid over stripping the skin before moving onto a stronger gel cleanser.

To really wrap this up we want you to be aware that you can never have just the one product to work with all year around, as seasons change so should your skin care. Simply weave an oil into your routine, applying just 2- 3 times a week during the cold, you’ll notice the difference in no time.

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