Natalie Sinead - my skin journey with Cosmology Skincare

Natalie Sinead - my skin journey with Cosmology Skincare

Our customers are our family, and when we see these beautiful people having success with our products and having a renewed sense of self due to healthy skin, it makes us incredibly happy and proud of the work we do. It reaffirms the reason of why we wake up every day to work on our brand and the formulas we have developed, helping people step out into the world as their best self. 

Acne and other skin concerns can really knock our confidence, and if you’ve battled with problematic skin you’ll understand the challenges, frustrations and emotions that come with it. The highs and lows of break outs, hormonal changes and wanting to hide away from the world - it’s an awful feeling. 

Natalie Sinead is a dedicated Cosmology Skincare girl, having struggled with cystic acne since the age of 18, she has tried many other products on the market. Most were too drying and stripped the skin too much. Cue Cosmology Skincare, Natalie’s skin changed drastically. We wanted to chat with Natalie to get a deeper understanding on how her journey has been with her skin, the products that are an essential in her bathroom and what it means to her to have #NakedConfidence. 

 Before & After of Natalie's skin - the results are incredible!

 Natalie's results are due to commitment and quality products - shop Cosmology Skincare

  1. When did you start noticing your skin becoming problematic? 

My skin began to play up around the age of 12, but it was more so just a little bit of hormonal pimples. I didn’t start to get cystic acne until I was about 18 years old.

2. What have you tried over the years to combat your break outs?

I have tried dozens of different skincare brands, but I found that a lot of the brands that have catered products towards acne are very drying and stripping on the skin. I had also tried a chemical peel a couple of times throughout the years, but I was never consistent enough to see major results.

3. How do you think problematic skin affects a woman’s confidence? 

Problematic skin on anyone is hard, but especially as a woman when a lot of society places a lot of your value based off of the way that you look. So it can be extremely draining on your confidence, even when I would wear make up it still felt horrible because I would have such bad bumps underneath my makeup, and I felt like an ice cream cone! The worst part about it is having people constantly ask you about it when you feel like you’ve tried everything. 

4. What Cosmology Skincare products changed the game for you? And which are your faves?

I believe it’s the Anti-inflammatory Serum that has done the most magic for me. It’s super calm on the skin but it’s effective, I only use it every couple of nights. Every time I use it my skin looks ‘glowy’ in the morning. I also really love the Collagen Moisturiser, it’s been perfect for the colder months.

5. A skincare trick or tip that you do at home that you’d love to share with our readers? 

Give your skin a break every once in awhile and don’t cleanse it in the morning, this gives your skin a chance to rejuvenate itself.

6. Our ethos is ’Naked Confidence’ - women being happy in their own skin and feeling comfortable going make up free and bare faced. Loving who they are inside and outside. What does Naked Confidence mean to you? 

Exactly that! Naked confidence to me simply means feeling confident in my own skin without make up. 

7. Any pep talks or final advice for our readers who may be in their skin journey? 

Keep your head up and just know that having problematic skin is a journey and it takes time to help it. There’s never going to be one quick fix, but as long as you’re consistent, you will see results! Don’t forget to never compare yourself to anyone else because we are all beautiful In our own individual way.

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