Resurfacing and Purifying are two of our ranges all about skin texture. 

Some skin concerns affect skin texture but in different ways. They start with pigmentation, pass through scars and dead skin cells accumulation, to then go to inflammation and congestion. If you are feeling your skin rough or have been experiencing breakouts, we have explanations for you. 

Acne, breakouts and blackheads, can be caused by hormonal change and if chronical should be investigated with a doctor. It can also be caused due to lifestyle choices. If this is not your case, you might be experiencing lack of exfoliation, excess oil production or even bacteria, dirt and other substances clogging the pores, even oxidizing it. 

Maybe all you need is to change part of your skincare routine, adding or replacing products, for options more appropriated to your skin concern. 

While Resurfacing Range focus on intense exfoliation and pigment correction, containing AHA and BHA acids, Vitamin C and Peptides; Purifying Range focus on soothing inflammation, clearing bacteria and acne, reducing blemishes and dark spots, containing Vitamin A and B, Hyaluronic Acid, Charcoal and BHA acids. Bellow there is enough information about every product, comparing both ranges. 

Resurfacing Gel Cleanser clean skin’s surface, also stimulating cell renewal and exfoliation, aiming to improve skin texture. Purifying Charcoal Cleanser will deeply clean skin and pores from makeup, dirt, bacteria and anything sitting on it. Both products provide an amazing feeling of clear skin, keeping it gently moisturised. 

Resurfacing serum with AHA and Anti-Inflammatory Serum with 5% BHA are great exfoliants. The main difference between them is that the first is recommended for skin texture correction and improvement while the second is more soothing for breakout and inflamed skin. 

Resurfacing range brings Active C, a Vitamin C serum to decrease hyperpigmentation and enhance brightness, while Purifying has Active B, a Vitamin B serum for pigment inhibition and pores reduction. Important to mention that oily skin should be careful with Vitamin C use, as the product can sit on the pores and oxidise, causing back heads. 

Regenerative Serum contains EGF and Peptides to stimulate cell growth and boost collagen, fighting signs of age, while Purifying Serum is a blend of Vitamin A, B and Peptides, clearing and calming inflamed skin, minimising hyperpigmentation and stimulating cell growth as well. 

Resurfacing Range has two moisturisers, UV Defense, a physical sunscreen that improves skin condition while protecting from UVA and UVB rays, and a Restorative Oil, a blend of oils with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, capable of intensively hydrate the skin. Purifying Range has the Daily Moisturiser with Hyaluronic Acid, lipids and honey to moisturise, exfoliate and heal any wound that the skin might have. 

As the last product of the Purifying Range, we have Hydrating Eye Cream with Hyaluronic Acid. This product has a light texture and provides deep hydration for the eye area, recommended for day and night skincare routines. 

Cosmology highly encourage you to read about every product in the individual product details page to choose the best option for you, as mentioned, some of them work on similar skin concerns, but can also add different benefits to your skin.

If more information is needed about any of the products, please get in contact with us, we will happily assist you with your skincare research. 

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