Serums That Pack A Punch

Serums That Pack A Punch

Serums That Pack A Punch 

Serums are saviours for our skin, they get down to business, and always deliver. Due to the inclusion of highly active ingredients, Cosmology Skincare serums are designed to tackle specific skin concerns and get you noticeable results. They’re strong, calculated and built with potent essential ingredients to give you a very distinctive ‘before & after’. 

Think of serums as the main event in your routine, if you give them the opportunity, they’ll perform. Each product has been formulated with specific ingredients that will treat a particular concern, or even multiple skin concerns at once. 

If you want to see changes in your skin, you’ll need to introduce a serum into your routine.  We’ve got four hard hitters in our range that will transform and rejuvenate your complexion. They’ve become best sellers for a reason, so let’s break down those reasons. 

Our Christmas present to you? Serums that pack a punch. 

Regenerative Serum 

One of the alpha female’s in our range is the Regenerative Serum. We’ve included some very exclusive ingredients into this product to ensure it takes hold of any skin concerns and deals with them. Epidermal Growth Factors and Peptides are a stand out in this formula as they encourage cellular turnover and growth, revealing a more youthful complexion. This serum also helps to heal wounds and boost your collagen production (that super important component in the skin that keeps you looking wrinkle free). The powerful and very specific combination in our Regenerative Serum will reduce fine lines, smooth and firm the skin while replenishing moisture and volume. One serum that will seriously pack a punch! 

 Regenerative Serum

Active A Serum

Our Active A Serum is A grade. Just so you’re across the basics of Vitamin A - Vitamin A is the family umbrella that holds all retinoids, you no doubt would have heard of Retinol or Retinal. Our Active A Serum contains 0.5% Retinal which is one step away from Retinoid Acid. Retinal is the strongest version of Vitamin A that you can get over the counter without a doctors prescription. Robust? Yes. The Retinal will stimulate collagen production, and also speed up cell renewal. This process targets and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. You’ll notice an improvement in skin tone and post-breakout pigmentation due to the cell renewal process. We’ve include Niacinamide to really bump up the improvement of skin texture and Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen to assist in the repairing and renewal of skin cells. 

Active A Serum

Active C Serum

This serum is for the ‘brighteners’ out there, if your concern is primarily on skin tone and pigmentation then you’ll need to apply this formula regularly. The mixture of Vitamin C and specific Peptides will inhibit melanin and aid in broken capillaries, helping to repair any sun damage and increasing brightness and firmness. The Peptides in our Active C Serum visibly firm the skin over 28 days with a 45% reduction of wrinkles within two months of use. The inclusion of Magnesium will boost collagen synthesis, help to reduce melanin production, stopping further pigmentation from appearing. Magnesium protects the skin against oxidative stress caused by the sun, pollution & heat. Overall you’ll be left with increased radiance and reduced signs of ageing. Where do we sign please!?

 Active C Serum

Active B Serum

This serum is amazing for angry and inflamed skin, so if you suffer from acne, turn to the Active B Serum. Not only will it reduce sensitivity of pimples and surrounding skin, it will diminish enlarged pores and fade any redness. This serum packs a punch when it also decreases pigment production and repairs any damaged DNA. Hyperpigmentation is common after a break out (usually from picking and touching the area), the pigment inhibitors will ensure your skin tone stays even and luminous. The Niacinamide in this formula will regulate moisture levels and also calm the skin following an angry bout of acne. We’ve also included Hyaluronic Acid to ensure hydration, improved and speedy wound healing, and plumping. 

Active B Serum


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