Skin Care Accessories For Every Glow Getter

Skin Care Accessories For Every Glow Getter

Calling all glow getters: To understand what proper skin care management entails, we need to first understand the foundations – as in, what we need to stock our bathrooms with in order to perform our skin routines day in, and day out, in the most beneficial way. Start with us, our team of self-proclaimed skin care enthusiasts who admittedly love the endless array of products and accessories shelved under our own roof.   
Read About Our Favourite Skin Care Accessories

Silicone Brushes

A set of silicone brushes are a godsend when it comes to taking the mess out of applying your face masks.  No more picking dried up mask particles out of your nails for days after you apply one with your fingers — don’t worry, it’s happened to all of us!

Soft Headband


Adorable much? We love headbands. Why? A cute yet practical headband holds your hair back as you wash your face. It can be super difficult when you have strands that awkwardly fall down out of your pony tail- meaning parts of your face do not get properly cleansed! This is a no no in the skin care world. Do yourself a favour and order one now. You’ll thank us later.

A Silicone Brush

So simple but so effective. A silicone brush attaches to your fingers and aids with gentle exfoliation and general cleansing. A wonderful tool for people who have sensitive skin, this bathroom accessory will help keep those pores clean with minimal scrubbing action.

Foreo Scrubber

Discover a little skincare magic with a Foreo scrubber. The vibrating silicone face scrubber is essentially a robot butler for facial cleansing. When activated, the device removes, remaining oil,  dirt, and makeup as and nudges you to move to a different portion of your face once the area is sufficiently clean. A tool that cleans your face for you? Yes please!

A Facial Steamer

Hands up, who still hovers over a boiling pot of water to open their pores? For the love of God, please stop. Facial steamers are both the safer and wiser option when it comes to unclogging your pores when giving yourself a facial. 

 Reusable Cotton Rounds


Unlike their disposable counterparts that are immediately recycled after use, your reusable cotton round will become one your smartest investments yet. As they are friends with any washing machine, your cotton round may be placed in with your usual washing cycle. Once washed, hang them out to dry, and put those bad boys to work all over again.

A Cleansing Brush

A cleansing brush is the go-to gift for any girl wanting to give herself a little extra TLC on facial night. It gently whisks away dead skin and impurities leaving your skin stunningly smooth and clean.

 A Rose Quartz Roller & Gua Sha

Gua Sha & Facial rollers work to massage and de-puff the face. They’re basically your bff in the bathroom. While these tools may be a little new to you, you can rest assured knowing they have been working wonders for people all over the world (since the 7thCentury) by relieving tension in the face, reducing puffiness & inflammation and reducing sinus pressure and evening out skin tone. Place in the fridge for extra cooling so these rocks can really rock your world!
Need more for your skin? Check out our Pro, Purifying, Rejuvenating and Resurfacing Cosmology products that help with a multitude of skin needs.

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