Veganuary - shop our vegan range.

Veganuary - shop our vegan range.

Veganuary is a non for profit organisation that encourages people to opt for a vegan lifestyle in the month of January. Throughout the year they support and encourage businesses to go plant based, at Cosmology Skincare, we embrace all choices.

Every month thousands of new vegan products and recipes are released and celebrated, which in turn works towards protecting the environment, preventing animal cruelty and improving human health.

Their mission is powerful - “a world where food production does not decimate forests, pollute rivers and oceans, exacerbate climate change and drive wild animal populations to extinction.”

Veganuary is a 31 day pledge to go completely vegan - are you in? We’re kick starting the month with our top vegan skincare products. 


Silk Enzyme Cleanser:

Combining precious and effective acids, antioxidants and organic oils, this cleanser is designed to be your daily dose of exfoliation. It replenishes the skin through intense hydration while unclogging pores, removing the day and evening out your skin tone. 

Rejuvenating Eye Cream:

We’re very proud of the secret weapon in this formula, Liquid Crystals - an incredibly rich and nourishing ingredient that contributes to this eye cream’s plumping effects. Being big fans of anti-oxidants, we’ve ensured this cream has plenty of those, along with other natural extracts to prevent further environmental damage. Apply this in the evening and enjoy restored, healthy skin that gives instant brightening. 

Veganuary - Shop our Silk Enzyme Cleanser & Rejuvenating Eye Cream 


Resurfacing Serum:

The powerful duo of AHA & BHA acids makes this serum a hard hitter and a chemical exfoliant. It works effectively to exfoliate the skin, remove any dead skins sitting on the surface to thoroughly clean out blocked pores. The combination of ingredients will stimulate cellular renewal, prevent and reduce pigmentation while hydrating and nourishing the skin for an all over healthy glow.  

Regenerative Serum:

Our Regenerative Serum will bring it home when it comes to transforming your skin, and being vegan friendly. The stand outs in this formula are the Epidermal Growth Factors and peptides that boost new cellular growth, and encourage the improvement of elasticity and volume in the skin. Wound healing properties and the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles makes this serum a top of the line firming and replenishing agent. 

 Veganuary - shop the Resurfacing Serum and Regenerative Serum

The team at Veganuary have oodles of recipes on their website that are completely vegan and absolutely delicious looking. We’ve picked a few of our favourites to share with you so that you are be prepared for a vegan friendly month. 

Click on the images below to reveal the recipe! 

Vegan Choc Chip Pancakes   Vegan Tofu Mixed Salad   Vegan Pesto Pasta   Vegan Lemon Sherbet Icecream   Vegan Peanut Butter Snack

To donate to Veganuary click here.


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