What is a Tyrosinase Inhibitor?

What is a Tyrosinase Inhibitor?


What is a Tyrosinase Inhibitor?

What is a Tyrosinase Inhibitor? First of all, it is Millie’s fave ingredient in her skincare. Millie is our marketing girl, and sun lover. Spending lots of time in the sun and salt water, pigment has always been a pain point for her. Having tried so many different types of skincare, and looking for the ultimate pigmentation prevention, she came across a Tyrosinase Inhibitor and her game changed! 

This powerful ingredient comes in many brightening skincare products, and through extensive knowledge on what works and what doesn’t, we know this is a must have in our formulas. If you are asking how to even out your skin tone, then read on, we’ll delve into what Tyrosinase actually is, and why you should be using a Tyrosinase Inhibitor - pronto. 

“How I found my skin's secret weapon: Tyrosinase Inhibitors! Unlocking the power of Tyrosinase Inhibitors transformed my skin. I’ve always spent a lot of time in the sun so pigment has been an ongoing issue for me. I tried so many different types of skincare to combat it, nothing really helped. The girls I work with at Cosmology Skincare recommended a Tyrosinase Inhibitor and I have never looked back, it’s an essential in my routine. I can’t be without this ingredient with the type of skin I have”. - Millie

Skin Brightening Treatment - Tyrosinase Inhibitor

What causes melanin? Tyrosinase Enzymes. Tyrosinase is an enzyme that plays a crucial role in the synthesis of melanin, the pigment responsible for the colour of our skin, hair, and eyes. Tyrosinase is found in specialised cells called melanocytes, which are located in the skin, hair follicles, eyes, and inner ear. 

Normal activity of Tyrosinase will maintain the balance of melanin production, which actually helps to protect against UV radiation. However when this enzyme is operating in dysfunction and is over active, it can lead to excessive pigmentation and hyperpigmentation. 

To treat this over production of melanin in the skin we need to include a pigmentation treatment that is part of a product’s formula. This is an ingredient called a Tyrosinase Inhibitor, and is a very popular skin brightening treatment.

The ultimate skin brightening treatment!

Tyrosinase Inhibitors can help to lighten any dark spots and uneven skin tone by blocking the enzyme’s activity (the enzyme that creates pigment), and in turn reducing the production of melanin. This ingredient is really effective at reducing melasma, age spots, and post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. 

Brightening Skincare Products

So where can you find Tyrosinase Inhibitors for a skin brightening treatment? This ingredient can be found in many serums, including our serums at Cosmology Skincare. 


Shop our Brightening Serum and Active C Serum now. 

A recap, for the people down the back, what is a Tyrosinase Inhibitor? Your secret weapon against pigmentation! Head over to our website www.cosmologyskincare.com to shop this powerful ingredient. Trust us, you won’t look back. 

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